Midweek: Ball Em Up.

Over this weekend there are not plenty of venues that should be listed or visited - it is just only one. Who's that? That venue will be Revolver (Oslo) - one venue for the immersive and raging cool peoples that shoots for the grungy and explicit. That's not an understatement when the line up is [...]


On The Heart Friday: Generation Of Sound – Early 90s Rave Documentary

On The Heart Friday: Today it is such a difficult day to write anything so you have to get this is instead. A documentary about the obsession of the week - techno music and its rave culture.    Perfect perfection for a mind that is really tired after a week with a heavy workload. So let [...]

Outburst: A newly reopened Jaeger.

What a ride it has been over the latest days that the weekly columns "Residences of the weekend" and "On the heart Friday" have totally been forgotten. It is with no strange reason when a familiar club venue recently reopened in a complete new package. It made the spell bound trick to take over – [...]