Midweek: Jawn Rice.

Here is the only Itinerary for the weekend! An itinerary that are centered around the only stop that are at Kulturhuset this following Saturday. There the headliner Jawn Rice is in focus! Jawn Rice are an affiliate member of the Mutual Intentions clique. Jawn Rice is without understatement holds one of the strongest production of [...]


Track of today: Kym Mazelle – Young Hearts Run Free.

Well the other day I watched Titanic - a movie that have been watched so many times on repeat to that extent of having the script memorized. Just because of the fact that on the time of release there was a severe teenage crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. A crush to that extent of having all [...]

Track of Today: Subzero – Ben Klock.

All countries have the same constructional system that changes everywhere you go. In alignment there are changes. If you have for once surfaced your self in Germany you will meet the changes yet again. There a building starts at zero and build itself downwards - and upwards. Where the basement are subzero, zero is the street [...]