Track of today: Solium – Paris Calling.

The track of today is a secret that I have kept for myself for so many years that it feels as of today really hard to share. It has a meaning for me in other words. Why I do not know, but for some reason that track truly reeks of what is totally me in [...]


Rest in Peace – mother of House Dance, Marjory Smarth!

This is not about a house DJ or producer but about a dancer - and a dancer is the most important preacher tool! Today there was a loss within the urban dance community and here is my reaction: I am sitting here in Norway and reads that my sister Marjory Smarth is dead from cancer! [...]

Outburst of today: Sacré Coeur!

From the beginning of great relationship starts there are many things that aren't discovered - and when they are found they need to be explored! In this case this is the exact same thing towards my relationship with Paris - one city that have one forever strong grip on my heart!What my reminiscence of that [...]


Today outburst fell on Ron Miller – one of HOUSE OF LIKE LAVA's followers on Soundcloud! Ron Miller who have hosted club nights at a venue nearby Sacré Coeur – and lasted for around two years. Ron Miller have moved around as well, he stayed at Ibiza one month, played with Marc Antona (Dissonant Records) [...]