Christmas Tokens! Number 16: De Fantastiske To.

Christmas Tokens number are a pair that is really nice and cosy at the same time. Who I am talking about are De Fantastiske To that contains of the members – Marius Sommerfeldt and Ravi Brunsvik. Signed with Paper Recordings, Bogota Records and more.

Their sound are seemingly very balanced – and a sound that can be described as a summer breeze that hits a beach with a rolling motion. What more that can be taken from this is that they own a sound that makes the disco balls go for days. A major statement because it lays in their name fantastic so you can they have thriving for a place where they are as of now for days! So with that out let us get into the groove with this splendid mix!


Today came the urge of going on a BOARDWALK – because the sun was shining! It made me want to go, but instead I did the more reasonable choice hitting the beloved Soundcloud on a Sunday. I do not know why I am stuck there, but hey I am lost in sounds and it feels so good. In todays search I started to follow up the ones that have recently started to follow my journey into sounds. It seems to be that we have a same kind of feelings or likings in how it should sound. Further on I started to explore the ones that took the most of the place last year such as VINNY VILLBASS (ESKIMO Recordings) and De Fantastiske TO (Paper Recordings) – it is still good! Yesterday OMAR V played a good set that lead me out of the little down side that we all go into from time to time. It felt good to just sit there! So with all of this in the head and since I am into making compilation lists without to much thought would they fit together and only in for fun. Here is the list called BOARDWALK: