Mixology Sessions: Ida Nerbø – Live at Trøkk16.

One mix that you should get your head around with just because it truly captivates you from the first minute. As in from the first second! The craftsmanship behind this mix comes from Ida Nerbø - a DJ coming out from Bergen. One city that truly do not care for the unsaid rule here in [...]


Track of today! The Margarets – Spoonful of Love. 

Also with yet another lifelong status as a favorite track that has been in the following over two decades. Going in thick and thin. A track that certainly are not a house track, but the contextual essence of the track is so off the charts deeply rooted with what house culture stands for. A spoonful [...]

Special! #LavaOfTheWeek: Soul Sessions Oslo.

The key to understand the music – and to express that music can easily become better done with dance. What have been delivered over this weekend – and that have happened within the Vogue and Waacking genres. Delivered with this news flash at the first event – entitled Ball of Norway. All what I can [...]

Christmas Tokens! Number four: Jarle Bråthen.

The next Christmas Token is a man that are equally outbound than inbound: Jarle Bråthen! A man that really settles for a warm and inviting atmosphere what this mix are truly representing. The mixture have a deep going roots in disco with a heavy touch of house music  with a wavy texture, like portraying different [...]

Midweek Recessions: Northern Disco Lights.

As the midweek recessions walk through we are looking upon the recent documentary Northern Disco Lights. It was a movie that told the stories from the beginning to the present – in terms of how the electronic music grew. Another take was on how it showed the differences between Tromsø, Bergen and Oslo – the [...]