#LavaOfTheWeek: Curled Up.

Too many Blue Moons that lead to a Blue Monday?There are no good rule to call in sick prior to that Blue Monday, Never! So on the contrary the best way to fuel your body is with good music that makes your toes curl reasoning the fact that being jacked up is the best cure. [...]


Christmas Tokens! Number seven: McAuley and Joel K.

Christmas token number seven are with a special two for one deal! Where you are traveling into a mix aired at Pils og Plater last year - a radio show hosted by Tina Marie Borgholt, this particular mix are handcrafted by McAuley and Joel K. The mix are really solid - and perfect for Wednesdays [...]


Today outburst fell on Ron Miller – one of HOUSE OF LIKE LAVA's followers on Soundcloud! Ron Miller who have hosted club nights at a venue nearby Sacré Coeur – and lasted for around two years. Ron Miller have moved around as well, he stayed at Ibiza one month, played with Marc Antona (Dissonant Records) [...]