Track of today: Kym Mazelle – Young Hearts Run Free.

Well the other day I watched Titanic - a movie that have been watched so many times on repeat to that extent of having the script memorized. Just because of the fact that on the time of release there was a severe teenage crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. A crush to that extent of having all [...]


Extra! Extra! SommerØya day two: Top Moments.

Yes! The last adventure of SommerØya festival are without doubt set to be unique because when the festival had a HardWare Jam and 15 DJs playing back to back as well. The further additions on the day two of the festival were DJ Hell, Anja Schneider and Rødhåd. Afterthought on the festival that the festival [...]

#LavaOfTheWeek – My Best Friends Of All Time!

Last week was destroyed like Alderaan! It were an explosion to the point of not being centered, but over the weekend the mind was settled back for good again. It settled also for going back in time, back to a time there I read MUTE magazine pages up and pages down. A time there my [...]