Midweek: Oslo World Music Festival x Jaeger.

Well are you in for a three course dinner? Are you? It will be dinner served with tasty food for your feets coming from all over the world. A dinner with severely sweet, toasty and roasted sounds. It will be served at one place only - and that place only is Jaeger. They are starting [...]


Mixology Sessions: Ivaylo.

There's nothing like a returning customer that wants more of the good stuff. There's nothing like it! This also shows a truly unique bond between the customer and the service that is being served. In this case this week session is about Ivaylo - the label manager of Bogota records, Jaeger resident and care taker [...]

Midweek: Sulta, Halo, Silva, Finnebassen.

Over this weekend there are a plethora of bookings to go for - and they are bound to be making you become drenched in sweat. So drenched that you look like you have been running the New York marathon twice. The option to remain in the same way when going out is to go for [...]