#LavaOfTheWeek – Understanding series vol II: Structures.

Earlier this year there were an Understanding Series in progress. It is time to draw up the second one of the year! Oh yes! This time we are going over to the classical music section because it needs to be explained. On the other hand why not because it is connected to the House and [...]


Mixology Sessions: Ivaylo.

There's nothing like a returning customer that wants more of the good stuff. There's nothing like it! This also shows a truly unique bond between the customer and the service that is being served. In this case this week session is about Ivaylo - the label manager of Bogota records, Jaeger resident and care taker [...]

Extra! Extra! SommerØya edition.

Over this weekend there are a plethora of festivals to go for! Such as Oslo Jazzfestival, Mela and SommerØya. In this case there are a simple outage of that festival sphere just because the only one option that are aligned under the genres implemented throughout this entire page. Such as house and techno music. That [...]

#LavaOfTheWeek – Reinstatement Edition.

In the evolution of this blog there came around a column called #LavaOfTheWeek - a one time weekly spot where sounds of the past, future and presence got posted. It seems most likely to reinstate that after the relaunch of HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA. Also on the contrary it gives the blog a framework to [...]

On the heart Friday: Fashion.

Every Friday I will release one thought about what house music have done with me. In the start of this I will start with what I used to blog about, Fashion. My blogs was named fashionmakesfashionistas and The Fashionists. They were a huge part of my life - and made my daily life a little [...]