#LavaOfTheWeek: Make the twist on things.

2018 started with a bang! A really bang that made a twist on things! A really ground breaking ever changing change. First of all the TOP DJs grooved the heck out of the things for some days. It truly made me twist me towards the fact that this will be the year there everything will change. Change in terms that it will deliver even greater content, going harder in experiences, even larger than life music. So with that said here is the first track list of this year. A list of gems. Oh yes!

Starting of with a track that got an accidental download.
A track that will not be a well hidden track.

Going on with a track that truly gets me.

Ending of with a track that are a track that got the most repeats during November ’17.

Mixology Sessions: Cut ‘N Paste.

Sometimes you just have to copy + paste a text because your brain doesn’t work. Sometimes it needs to cool down and let the posted do the works. Just like this is it with the Mixology Session of this week. A mix that do not need any walkthrough or explanation because this mix contains that. This mix are filled to the brim with gems that truly are good for the soul. So let the cue begin!