Track of today: Ralph Myerz and The Jack Herren Band – Think Twice.

All my life I have been a fan! Always been a fan. I am getting star struck. Even star struck by the person that shows me great stuff. This Friday I became star struck by the person that showed me the band that have followed me for over a decade. A band that really if there were more concerts back then – and now I would follow them around. As a hang around. I would not think twice on doing that. I have thought about why I love their sound and tunes so much over so many years. It truly have been a band that have grasped them self to my heart for so many years that it truly dedication. It shows that this band reeks quality for days. So from the bottom of my heart;

Thank You!

Midweek: Kusht and The Secret Players.

When there are so many events to attend you go completely ballistic, you get mind-blown. The only best thing then is to rally up a gang where you say for once let hit Dattera til Hagen (Oslo) tonight. Just because it is easily the best way to demolish the ever going confusion of where to go. It is also the best solution to “there is no such thing as a stage plan”! There is also a time to let loose because it is Friday after all – and weekend that you live for. A weekend that holds the best mindset as in to take it slow even so that weekend flies fast. It is bound to make you to connect the dots to your secret plan is go in for an ever going soul treatment after to have been stuck in the stone cold corporate world for some days.

Graphics: Lawrence Grau.

Midweek Recessions: The Villa VS Jaeger.

Yes! Yes! Yes! We will have to make a tie breaker between Jaeger and The Villa this weekend. Occurrence are because there are so many differences this weekend between them so there will only be a namedrop of whom are the ones that may save the weekend.

So here are the program for yours truly.

First  Schizo Pinguino & Joel:K  at The Villa Friday – just because it still triggers the flesh memory of the recent passageway down that mix they hold together. It is setting everything in perspective.

Second Prins Thomas and Øyvind Morken at Jaeger Saturday – just because the last night were a night for the books. The night made an impact there the statement that were they were an unbelievable, unreal and farther from any existence good pair. It is like an important appointment without being agreed on just because it will be that good.


On the heart Friday: Fashion.

Every Friday I will release one thought about what house music have done with me. In the start of this I will start with what I used to blog about, Fashion.

My blogs was named fashionmakesfashionistas and The Fashionists. They were a huge part of my life – and made my daily life a little bit better because they were my escape.

So let us escape into the On the heart Friday:

Fashion! Continue reading