#LavaOfTheWeek: A family affair.

It is a family affair and it truly is – and the making of the family is like making of a tune. It starts with a manifestation of the relationship and it is blossoms. It develops to become a family there the members are unique – and equally the same. It makes a whole picture [...]


Extra! Extra! SommerØya edition.

Over this weekend there are a plethora of festivals to go for! Such as Oslo Jazzfestival, Mela and SommerØya. In this case there are a simple outage of that festival sphere just because the only one option that are aligned under the genres implemented throughout this entire page. Such as house and techno music. That [...]

Midweek Recessions: Northern Disco Lights.

As the midweek recessions walk through we are looking upon the recent documentary Northern Disco Lights. It was a movie that told the stories from the beginning to the present – in terms of how the electronic music grew. Another take was on how it showed the differences between Tromsø, Bergen and Oslo – the [...]