Extra! Extra! SommerØya day two: Top Moments.

Yes! The last adventure of SommerØya festival are without doubt set to be unique because when the festival had a HardWare Jam and 15 DJs playing back to back as well. The further additions on the day two of the festival were DJ Hell, Anja Schneider and Rødhåd. Afterthought on the festival that the festival [...]

Mixology Sessions: Javier Medina Live Set At Extra Dirty – Sydney.

So let me start abrupt to say that within the blogosphere everything can happen such as causing cool rocking connections to encounter whereas to get extinct in the next. What was the mutual connecter was the music - and it evolved into a new relationship that met the same fate. The music still resides though [...]

Mixology Sessions: Ida Nerbø – Live at Trøkk16.

One mix that you should get your head around with just because it truly captivates you from the first minute. As in from the first second! The craftsmanship behind this mix comes from Ida Nerbø - a DJ coming out from Bergen. One city that truly do not care for the unsaid rule here in [...]

Midweek: What is happening?

What is happening? What is happening when your material is paper thin? What happens when your article doesn't have any grasp of anything? Well you stop to tell all about what is happening, but go on with something that will. The material that delivers excellence hereafter the weekend to come. That are an action packed [...]