Midweek: Jawn Rice.

Here is the only Itinerary for the weekend! An itinerary that are centered around the only stop that are at Kulturhuset this following Saturday. There the headliner Jawn Rice is in focus! Jawn Rice are an affiliate member of the Mutual Intentions clique. Jawn Rice is without understatement holds one of the strongest production of [...]


Special! #LavaOfTheWeek: Soul Sessions Oslo.

The key to understand the music – and to express that music can easily become better done with dance. What have been delivered over this weekend – and that have happened within the Vogue and Waacking genres. Delivered with this news flash at the first event – entitled Ball of Norway. All what I can [...]

On The Heart Friday: Generation Of Sound – Early 90s Rave Documentary

On The Heart Friday: Today it is such a difficult day to write anything so you have to get this is instead. A documentary about the obsession of the week - techno music and its rave culture.    Perfect perfection for a mind that is really tired after a week with a heavy workload. So let [...]