Midweek: Magda El Bayoumi, Urhaug, Ida Nerbø, Simon Opitz.

Last Week Reeked of Oslo Runway to the point of landing me yet again in the middle of that sirkus all over again.Whereas this week there's an another sirkus in a familiar setting. What is being on the topic is the clubbing nights! Who are the only one that steals this week attention are the [...]


Mixology Sessions: Ida Nerbø – Live at Trøkk16.

One mix that you should get your head around with just because it truly captivates you from the first minute. As in from the first second! The craftsmanship behind this mix comes from Ida Nerbø - a DJ coming out from Bergen. One city that truly do not care for the unsaid rule here in [...]

Midweek Recessions: Northern Disco Lights.

As the midweek recessions walk through we are looking upon the recent documentary Northern Disco Lights. It was a movie that told the stories from the beginning to the present – in terms of how the electronic music grew. Another take was on how it showed the differences between Tromsø, Bergen and Oslo – the [...]