Introduction! Mixology Sessions: M’Tears – Ma Petite Fleur.

Mixology Sessions are the new anchor point in the HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA column range. Its purpose is to give highlight upon those truly illegal good mixes that have been made by some really off the charts great DJS – and haven’t surfaced to air yet. An extension of the purpose is to also highlight the tracks that made the mix even greater – so if you are a big time crate digger this is the column for you. First out on in this are a member of the duo – Sacre Coeur, M’Tears. This made such an eargasm so impactful that the cigarette were needed in the next and a bed to lay down on. Just because the eargasm gave quite a stare when walking in the street. That mix were thickly sauced in with some mind blowing tracks – and those were.

Timbuktu (Pan African Electro Dub) – Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer. 

Spacitemporal (Vril Mix) – lori.

Ozymandias – Butch & Hohberg.

Kindlinn – Dawud 

Freakshow – Mr. G. 

All of them made the entire mix truly seamless to the point of describing the mix name. It seems like a mix that truly would need more spotlight – and more the DJ playing time at a venue. It seems that this is a craftsmanship that truly delivers! Also a mix that are blended with a focus to make everybody cheesy, cherishing the moment and catching that moment on the dance floor.  What else on this mix that it surely aims for as stated, eargasm! An eargasm that unfolds like a flower!

Midweek: Kerri Chandler.

All eyes are on this Friday event at Jaeger – there are no wonder when Kerri Chandler have been invited to roast the most with his infamousity! So on that contrary there will be a grander assembly in the line on the club than all the rest.

Kerri Chandler – an originator of House Music that have hold its fort since the early nineties. Kerri Chandler have caused thunder and applause by his staggering following – and there is no wonder with that assumption because his style are recognizable. He are reckoned to be a purveyor of style to the point to be making him a legend! So we are all in for a treat – because he caused so much chaos last time he was in town! The floors were sweaty in other words. So the best tip is to bring an extra t-shirt because people will jack their bod to be lofting their bod on the floor in the next. It will sure also lead to a night there we all will be transcended to New York – or that part of the world in other words. No doubt about that because Kerri Chandler are born and raised in that section of the world. So let us crack on with walking down that journey with this truly, madly, deeply going collection…

Tanze, Tanze CLUBS: Munich section. 

Every clubs have their own style, their own flair and look. Here is four clubs within the same category – Underground Music. Some do say franchise, some say that there are no club there at all. Here in Munich you can find:

Mixed Munich Arts – one club that specific concentrates on techno.

Pacha – are an well renowned franchise club that we all know consentrates on house music all night long.

Rote Sonne – a club that are holding w mixed profile on the music. Going from Techno – House – Drum and Bass – HipHop.

All the clubs can – and are possible to find in the central of Munich. Possibly the best for the pocket if your hotel is central as well because you do not need to pay for cab fare. So Munich are better than Berlin.

#LavaOfTheWeek: Lost Weekend.

#LavaOfTheWeek: Lost Weekend.

Once the weekend is away all we can say that we need to reboot our system – our minds, our souls and our body so with that is mind let us crack on with the uttermost important stuff:

What happened this weekend makes out that fact the feeling of being utterly Lost – like apathetic, insomniac, suffocated and totally buzzed out.

Who made that mixture is the headliners at Mixed Munich arts – an establishment that really stands out in so many ways. What can be clarified is that the staff are really nice – and do not own the tough Berlin attitude they are mellow. That attitude are just on the dot exactly what the staff should own – because a tormented person should not be excused from the healing process that the music own. Who took the throne is Etapp Kyle! So the facebook vote stand correct!

During his set the infamous tune Insomnia by Fatihless was the tune that can describe it all. So let the insomniac times go by each day here because it really suits it all…

#LavaOfTheWeek: In Desperate Need Of Techno!

When working full a head on sorting stuff at work – and there is a possibility on listening on Music. Listening to Music that makes sense. Music that makes the body go into a flow so that you feel like dancing whilst doing some boring work tasks. Sometimes not. So if you can’t find any you have to in that favor ask for some recommendations – and when those recommendations are coming from the heart, you know that you are set for a good time at work.

First recommendation:

Second recommendation:

Third recommendation:

Fourth recommendation:

Fifth recommendation:

These mixes are some massive ones! In total will over go the grand total of hours spent at work. So Thank You to All that Contributed to make a gray day to Spark in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Indigo and Orange!

Thank You!