#LavaOfTheWeek: August.

Well put August, you were like a raging lion who seemed to do amazing stuff in my way. A lion that really came through with an understanding truth. A truth that will never be forgotten. That I will always be Underground. All of that understanding will never be forgotten. Also there have been good quality [...]


Extra! Extra! SommerØya day two: Top Moments.

Yes! The last adventure of SommerØya festival are without doubt set to be unique because when the festival had a HardWare Jam and 15 DJs playing back to back as well. The further additions on the day two of the festival were DJ Hell, Anja Schneider and Rødhåd. Afterthought on the festival that the festival [...]

Extra! Extra! SommerØya edition.

Over this weekend there are a plethora of festivals to go for! Such as Oslo Jazzfestival, Mela and SommerØya. In this case there are a simple outage of that festival sphere just because the only one option that are aligned under the genres implemented throughout this entire page. Such as house and techno music. That [...]

Mixology Sessions: Javier Medina Live Set At Extra Dirty – Sydney.

So let me start abrupt to say that within the blogosphere everything can happen such as causing cool rocking connections to encounter whereas to get extinct in the next. What was the mutual connecter was the music - and it evolved into a new relationship that met the same fate. The music still resides though [...]

#LavaOfTheWeek: Curled Up.

Too many Blue Moons that lead to a Blue Monday?There are no good rule to call in sick prior to that Blue Monday, Never! So on the contrary the best way to fuel your body is with good music that makes your toes curl reasoning the fact that being jacked up is the best cure. [...]