Midweek: Jaeger, The Villa, Oslo Camping, Sentralen.

Get the feeling where you just want to sit inside drinking tea in your sweat pants on while pet a stuffed cat. Reasoning why you just can not get a real one because a real cat don’t match your lifestyle. While you are in this you are maybe draining Netflix for all the movies that Netflix got to offer sitting under a blanket. All because it’s too cold out side, like freezing cold. Until it hits you that you are starting to act like a granny something that’s not your cup of tea. So you start searching frenetically until you remember Jaeger and The Villa places that holds the fort of being anchor places of Oslo, easily better on a Friday.

Approaching Jaeger first you will be met by Olefunken that greets you in a cheerful manner. So that it will lead you on to the basement where you will be met by none other than G-HA and Olanskii, that are there to deluxe you up with one swift stroke. A servere enough impact that makes you become super glued to that dance floor. A delightful treat for b.traits that will make you head to the wardrobe area to peel of a layer of clothing, armored to be protecting you from the temperatures you shed from. Also you because you are starting to sweat from dancing.

If you getting drenched away, shriveled up and scrambled then head for The Villa. Where your second choice awaits that will play all night long. That’ll be the Skranglejazz where the guild of the night is Oskar Pask, Petter Celius, Randi and Lille Konge. So with these choices at hand the stake is high of making you shreked is quite possible. Also just because you visited places that’s doable with international standards so you are without any kind of hassle of leaving town.

Are there anymore this weekend that’s worthy to be added on the places to visit? Yes there are Oslo Camping where you will get the chance to hear De Fantastiske To. A duo that are there to make you go fore with your body. A duo that are making you say let’s go for some survival food the day after!

And where you should splurge into that survival food will be at Sentralen! On today’s special are rumored to be some mighty good falafel’s. Also it seems that the restaurant has teamed up with the urban dance organization, Soul Sessions Oslo. A neat combination because you can dance even more this weekend to a kid that love wax, DJ Nuhhh. Soul sweats for days! Crazy to believe that you will never be locked up with your stuffed cat that you pet, used up tea bags and a conquered netflix! Never!

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