lava tape #1: Karina.

Welcome to the sequential mix tape series in the universe of House is like
lava! Please meet my first guest- Norwegian artist Karina Chaczbabian aka Karina (God Particle/ Zoo Project/ Berlin). A truly genuine artist that has sparkles of an international flair in her mixing. Karina has lived for a long time both in Berlin and Ibiza – highly esteemed cities in the world of electronic music. Traveling with her black record bag between Cape Town, Ibiza, New York and Dubai, Karina also holds two prestigious residencies: at Analog Room in UAE and at The Zoo Project on the infamous Spanish island of Ibiza.

The sound of Karina is always changing and evolving, as she’s been playing all things vinyl for almost two decades. Berlin and Chicago infused sounds are blended with Detroits finest productions, but she does travel further than that. Her music is also very minimal, with Romanian elements, whilst still deeply rooted in the deep groovy house and edgy electro and techno.

Let’s go completely out of balance! Let’s press play and forget the world. Dive into the sublime and deep transitions of the mix thanks to heavy basslines wrecked into dub space. Embrace the alluring and breezy feeling! This is perfect for the avid listener that tries to jump on the wave. Just because sometimes to be out of presence is the best thing we can encounter! Eclectism and smoothness result in the listener entering a hypnotic state. Karinas mix is like a transcendental meditative treatment- creating a feeling of slow movements whilst being fast at the same time. So…press play and get lost in the music!

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