Throwback Thursday: Northern Disco Lights.

A Thursday is all about being reminiscent about what happened back on those days when it totally boomed. What’s on this day personally is practically next to nothing. So it will be a day where the focus is those documentaries that is all about the growth. A stunner in how to tell about growth is indeed in need of some splashing spotlight: Northern Disco Lights! A documentary that is indeed is helping you out of a road blocker situation, if your sources is limited. What the emphasis this documentary takes is a look upon how the electronic music spread out in Norway. How it escalated in how the styles are developed to be getting artists exported to other countries in the next. So let us with that introduction kick back with it. So that you know the video posted down below is not the real deal. It is merely the kiss and tell on why you should watch it. Where you can locate the full length will be in the NRK video section. Press NRK to press play to let the good times roll in like bowl of pop like popcorn rolls into your mouth and you start to dream about disco balls in your sleep!

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