Midweek: The Villa, Revolver, Jaeger, The Villa, Revolver.

Welcome to a where you have hit a wave where you have the same kinds of grooves. A week that is on the loop where it truly captures the essence of a generic house music that is kind of boring. Where you also find a change in between that is making you feel familiar, but kind of changed.

Where will we be the first part is at The Villa where we will be met by a representative from our neighbor from the south. A representative by the name Courtesy that have been on the block for a long time and have also stretched that block to other countries such as Germany with the more precisely Berlin. Even more accurate; Berghain. The true meaning of that means a journey to Planet B where you try the best to stay forever in. Who will accompany Courtesy (DK) is none other than Kristian Suvatne. Who else who will be there to make sure to make your visit a good one is birthday boy Silva. A man that will see to make go out of control just because it is his birthday. So with this trifecta it is a deep space journey in deed!

Speaking of space journeys and the ones that will make you travel beyond, like really beyond you have to venture by Revolver where a french man that has a recognized to be making rooms sweat. Proven fact at La Java, La Machine du Moulin Rouge and Concrete that is located in his in residential city that is Paris. This sweat ventured beyond since he is a DJ that is favored by House dancers all over this globe just because he connect to that level where you just want to learn to dance. His name is Zo Baki and should from this moment on be the one to lead you out and about!

If you go so out and end up at Jaeger you will be met by Cassy that caresses your ear buds with one swift stroke on the mixer to make you hooked. Utilizing your deep going out and about space journey in a way to go even deeper. In her tag team of the night is Olefunken and G-HA & Olanskii. All of this reeks of sky high performance and a shooting an even more deeper journey into space!

All of this will give you space for days that will make sure you hold an kind of simple but complex approach. Like same same but different. Starting off on the next day where you will go to The Villa. Where you will venture one of the men from last night as in G-HA who will be back to back to Nils Noa. A swell that will make you well spaced out and in awe to making you sweat severely. It appears the gigantic birthday weekend at The Villa. So who’s the jolly good fella this night is Dajani! A night with a definitively main squeeze written all over.

If you just vender even more off course from the actual venue where you just start to think that get back in line is just stupid. You could just enter Revolver that is already jam packed. Who’s the one that owns such a good of following is Einar Idsøe Eidsvåg! If the booking will consist of being good booked is up to the future to tell. Anyway it will sure be a night where he just splash everything together into the night. Who’s in the splash zone: KOSO club by Soldal, Ball Em Up by Drippin, Purrpurrpurple, Fakethias, Beinhardt by Noah and Onkod by Dahir. Whoa! Such a good zone to be in and definitively one that makes you think this: Einar for President! Einar for President! Just think how much labor that has been put into fostering these zones. So good that you are now beyond Pluto…

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