Track of today: Røyksopp – Eple.

Is there a track out there that used to harass me to the point of making me write a whole essay when I was 17 years old it would be “Eple”. A track like that made me go ballistic to the point of making happy and that is good because it was a track that helped me through a hard time. Like loosing your dad and loosing your boyfriend hard time.

On that time there was a severe crush on the Harry Potter universe where everything geeky around that surrounded me. As of late those books and movies has gotten a strong revival. Harry Potter was my introduction to reading and writing in English. Harry Potter universe has always been my ultimate getaway from those writing blocks. What Harry Potter and the track “Eple” has in common is on that time as I stated earlier is that I wrote a whole essay that had the flair of Harry Potter while holding a strong inspiration of the track “Eple”. I do no know is that the essay is not holding what the track and the Harry Potter holds together which is longevity. What the track made for Norway is higher number of exporting music internationally. A track like that made the same kinds of ripple effects for Røyksopp as the books made for J.K Rowling. Both rich in different turfs such as gotten reputation that of being renowned producers of Norway and being a billionaire.

If we god furter into how we vision the track and what kinds of images we got is that we have to look upon Adam and Eve making a bite into an apple, how it enrolled from that moment on. A moment that sure go in a fast way from being fresh to be old. Also a track like this makes the effort in telling how it is to stroll from point A to B. Also it also tells how an apple is reflected with knowledge. A track like that is also a track that holds different tales and stories. Maybe we should look for ourselves!

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