the ugliest tracks: Basshunter – Now You’re Gone.

It’s totally ingenious on time to reveal tracks that are so ugly that seems to linger for years to come. Tracks that seems to be so in the open for the tabloids and the tracks that seemed to get a huge following. Tracks that have been create by artists that now a days are sort of rest in peace. Artists that seems to so gone that the thought’s comes to this conclusion is what are they doing now. Like do they wake up 7 in the morning, drive the kids to school and head to work where they do something completely different. Just do stuff like that…

Going out first is this track from Basshunter that is still is in the game and still is in the groove to produce tracks. A thing like that is so strange and most likely should have ended back then. Just because Now You’re Gone was totally lacking production done good. It also seems to be a track that still seem to attract playtime, even 11 years later. Strange!
Something that is unquestionable yes indeed very strange because that track seems to be off the charts ugly. Why this came my way back then is that I participated as a background dancer. What I shouldn’t have done but it was in the I was young and needed the money category. So this is a skeleton that should forever be in the closet, but since this falls under the ugly category it can indeed be shared.

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