Midweek: Verkstedet, Jaeger, Ingensteds, Blå, The Villa.

So early on the job with broadcasting what’s in the know how of what to experience during the upcoming weekend is well indeed a weekend there you have to get real by detoxify the body after a filthy festive season. Well that can happen if the beers and dranks were to be skipped. Just being there to focus on the music with a club-mate in the hand! Best ever!

Where to be first this evening is at Verkstedet where the ones that are oldies but very on being goldies: Geronimo and Peter Pan. Their list of being all over behind the decks is long! Way too long. So this may act as an history lesson just on the Norwegian perimeters! Also they seem to be kicking of the first record early on so you have time to go in to the night where other stories are being created!

But hey first some hey hey guy at a place nearby Verkstedet as in the place that totally is nowhere, Ingensteds. Who will have the honor to be there to say hey you are so welcome to be here is these guys; Diskosnuten, Omar V and Rulefinn. All of them has scouting records since the break of dawn and this night will be devoted to only one genre that is so rock solid: Italo Disco! Yes and this is hey you probably will be there because this is a history lesson for your instagram story. If not and you just have to be at a place few blocks away fine by you.

All because you want to create better content for that story at Jaeger where they state this very clearly that this is a night of the marathon. So get your double tied shoelaces together because this night is not to be underestimated when the line up is tight. Straight up not a doomsday alert and the reason why is that they have Karolinski (LIVE), Dunderlach, Charlotte Bendiks, G-HA and Olanskii cheffing it up! A night that will keep you being sky high for the next day as well.

If you just see that you want to drop down down on Saturday whilst being up in there why not drop by Blå. Where you in advance slide into your gang gang DMs kissing and telling that you will be getting Juicy. So Juicy it will get because it will be a slap city of 2K18. All delivered by Patski Love and Chris Stallion! If it gets litty to the extent of flexin’ your hype to the gram it will be a night of grand success.

If you just want to follow the previous night music tendencies well you will be in good hands at The Villa where you just will be getting a set by Frantzvaag and Axel Bie. In the sweat shop you will get Chris Solaris and Tod Louie. A match that are indeed so well trained in welcoming you into a good company! So toasty toasty!

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