TOP DJs 2018


You already know what this is by now but for who of you say that they do not know what it is so here it is: TOP DJs 2018. A year that is without doubt the uttermost Littest year of all times!

Also this year was with a lot of happenings as well that happened to be the ones with a negative vibe such as venues shutting down. Who was the ones that shut down was Godthåb and Elefant. Even with the shortest time on the planet Godthåb brought some good happenings to the year. Elefant was open for two years and could have lasted. If they open Elefant vol two it is indeed going to be opened for more years. Over to another venue that is recently opened that states to be on the block for many years to come, Tusj. Just because it has already garnered a lot of visitors and it is like that because the interior states madness. Madness! Also on the venues that will last for more years is the one that truly is a gem in the hemisphere of Oslo, Kafe Haerverk. It is an ingenious venue because of their backyard that makes this a venue truly splendid to the extent of making people play in stealth mode. Are there anymore on this happenings parole? No just the thing this year has has been a year we all rode the same kinds of good vibes only!

Personally it is legit to see that many of my dreams became true in a year where the transformation got real. 2018 is a year where there are a lot of life-changing revelations was experienced. Like as in the fact of going all in for house is like lava. One other thing that followed that was more accept for this thing that is still beyond mad hard to push. Just because this really floats my mojo. Just because it has been a dream to pursue ever since I was 18 when I bought my first issue of the magazine with mojo in its name, Mojo magazine. All because it has been a struggle to get in to the style and how the voice of this will roll. Like how I roll the stones! All was found in London where everything is backwards in how the traffic is steered and how you think. London is a city where you have to think hard on stuff. Also it is a city for the realest ones that are the ones that thinks backwards. It is a truth because 2018 was the year where house is like lava got fully slammed rigged in how it rolls. A rig that will melt everything in its way just because lava will melt everything its way. 2018 was the year that this blog got an even more true with a very clean boost by its holy grail, Cheap Thrills. A creation that was produced by Super Deluxe. It got so far that yours truly jacked the jackpot by getting a moderator role in its Facebook group. A group that blew up from being 5K to 18,6K ever since 13th of July to present time. So in an outstandingly clear way that it was hard to do it all. So a lesson learned over this year. A down hard truth for us all I think. In between of all the moderation there was a certain trip to Berlin. On this trip I landed the uttermost true luck on every freaking day. Beginning with the first day that happens to be my birthday where I got into the most infamous club of all times, Berghain. All was succeeded on the last day where I had to stand in the line for whopping five hours. It was stated that if there was an add on to this line up this night would be the best one they ever had. Also it was a night where love got real because randoms just happens to accept me. It ended with a hug with a stranger and that was from that moment the love for this music got on an even deeper level. So deep that it changed me and made me go in limbo onward throughout the rest of this year. Also as well I may have done a rare one to get in to Berghain twice two weekends in a row because that venue do not accept you that often. All I know now is that I did not follow any rules at all, just the ones that applies inside as in not getting drunk at all. Just because there is no chance of lasting long if you plunge a pool of beers into your body. Was it a stay that made me climb the berg hain = mountain grove for real? Heck yeah it was the stay that moved mountains of vaulted thoughts that made its way from the subzero to the top floor.

Also this year I must say that I must say that the gratitude has been in my hands by getting all of those guest lists. So just to say it out loud without that this wouldn’t be financially manageable. What else I just to want to mention is that this list comes from a person that has been a dancer since the age of eighth. In a retrospective outlook it went trough dance styles such as folklore, tango, salsa, popping, locking, house dance, hip hop dance, vogueing, waacking and more. All of them has been languages that the body spoke instead with the mouth. Just because being an introvert this was the best way to speak to express verbally. On the contrary this year has been the year that I finally took to my self to see myself as a writer. What is good because being the dancer that writes about music is a good montage to come out with. So here it is the things that made the leap to become the best of the best of 2018! Still fresh in the memory on the worst date of the year 2019. Here are them!

Line up’ers!

1. JTDONALDSON (New Math Records) – Jaeger.

A man that made such a good night at Jaeger that it took about a week to climb down from that high. The after effects was so massive!

2. Kerri Chandler (Mad house records) – Jaeger. Like always there is no emphasis on relations. Just because that will make this bought, bagged and an easy to go. On the contrary the madness around Kerri Chandler is a true state of the art. Also because his skills are remarkably good on creating that vibe! So let’s say yes to more to that chaos theory!

3. Mine Huckaby (Deep transportation) – Kafe Haerverk

4. Honey Dijon (Classic Music Company) – Jaeger

5. Etapp Kyle (Klockworks/Ostgut ton) – Jaeger

6. Kobosil (R-Label Group/Ostgut ton) – Jaeger

7. Florian Kupfer -The Villa

8. Vakula (Leleka) – Jaeger

9. Mr. Scruff (Ninja Tune) – Jaeger

10. Yaeji – Øyafestivalen

11. Mr. G (Phoneix G/Holic Traxx/Rekids) – Jaeger

12. Nastia (Propoganda Rec) – SommerØya

13. Anna (Kompakt/Turbo) – SommerØya

14. Lil Louis – Jaeger

15. Kenny Larkin – Jaeger

16. Culoe De Song (De Song Music) – Jaeger

17. Danny Krivit (Body and Soul) – Oslo Camping

18. Midland (Graded/Aus Music/Sheworks- Jaeger

19. Peggy Gou – Jaeger

20. Ame (Innervisions)- Jaeger

In the club experienced!

1. Ivaylo (Bogota Records) – Jaeger

A year with a lot of music production has elevated his touch and served him several spots to DJ abroad. Just that makes the effort to land him in on the number one place this year as well. Also the fact that he also served a night with JTDONALDSON. A night that truly made the hearts fly high! Mad high!

2. G-Ha (Jaeger/Sunkissed) – Perlen

A man like G-Ha works on every form that he’s in. Just like on every form and every kinds of weather condition makes this guy unstoppable. Also why he landed the second place this year is because he finally brought out the vinyl bag! Finally!

3. K. Andersen | DJ Ibon – Revolver

4. O/E (Darkrooms/The Void) – The Villa

5. Svømmebasseng DJs – Jaeger

6. Ida Nerbø (Dot Collective) – Garage, Bergen

7. DJ Friendly – Jaeger

8. Fredrik Bekkåsen (The Void) – MuskkkFest Oslo

9. Finnebassen (Noir Music/Culprit/Supernature) – Blå

10. Daniel Gude (Jaeger) – Soul Sessions Oslo

11. Kompressorkanoen – Jaeger

12. Olanskii (Jaeger/Sunkissed) – Blå

13. Vinny Villbass (Eskimo Recordings) – Badabing

14. Fraunhofer (Det Gode Selskab) – Det Gode Selskab, Chateu Neuf

15. Lara Palmer – MusikkFest Oslo

16. Vibeke Bruff (Classic Music Company) – MusikkFest Oslo

17. Rave-Enka (Paper Recordings) – Jaeger

18. Petter Celius (Skranglejazz)- Blå

19. Tod Louie (Det Gode Selskab) – Under the Brigde

20. Karolinski (Fjordfjellogdaler) – Garage, Bergen

21. Marius Sommerfeldt (Paper Recordings) – Oslo Camping

22. Tod Louie (Det Gode Selskab) – Under the Brigde

23. Philip Hinz (Det Gode Selskab) – Det Gode Selskab, Chateu Neuf

24. Fredfades (Mutual Intentions) – Jaeger

25. DirtyHans (Mutual Intentions) – Jaeger

26. Rude Lead (Stew Studio) – Godthåb

Experienced abroad!

1. Joris Voorn (Green/Rejected) – fabric, London

When you listen through so many mixes that sure indeed makes the whole year. When you always have wanted to listen to your number one on the bucket list and grab yourself together to go to the premiere club in London as in fabric. Where you just loose yourself up and where you think you did right by buying plane tickets in a break that you weren’t allowed to take at work. Just because you thought to yourself you have to make it and you just thought this will have to happen even against your bad economy. Whereas in the next you walk out with your best smiles in a lifetime. When you just come back to Oslo with the courage to cease your dreams. That’s why Joris Voorn made this year outbound TOP DJs 2018 list.

2. Anthony Parasole (The Corner/Ostgut Ton/Dekmantel) – Berghain|Panoramabar|Saule, Berlin

First time at Jaeger, second time outside of HardWax and finally with the third time at Berghain lands this guy the second place. All because it seems to be happpening that Anthony Parasole is taking the role that Ben Klock have had as the numero uno. So yes to more adventures Anthony Parasole!

3. Deetron (Music Man/Circus Company/Green) – fabric, London.

4. Kenny Larkin – Berghain|Panoramabar|Saule, Berlin

5. Carl Craig (Planet E) – Berghain|Panoramabar|Saule, Berlin

6. Delano Smith (Mixmode/Susitech) – Tresor, Berlin

7. Steffi (Klason/Ostgut ton)- Berghain|Panoramabar|Saule, Berlin

8. Cinthie (Unison Wax) – Watergate, Berlin

9. Jovonn (Body’n Deep) – Watergate, Berlin

10. Dj Fett burger (Sex Tags Mania) – Paloma, Berlin

11. Jarle Bråthen (Full Pupp) – Paloma, Berlin

Living it live!

1. Ugress (Uncanny Planet Records) – Parkteatret

When you have wanting this ever since you were 17 years old and it live up the expectations. You just do whatever to experience it and you just walk through so many memories there you just listen to tracks by the artist you just know that it is all good. Also because you just feel this was meant to be! So meant to be!

2. Nicky Siano and Traces Gospel Choir (The Gallery, Studio 54) – Jaeger

When you as a former choir chick gets to experience a choir concert at a certain venue and it is all about the origins of disco and house music in New York City it’s a vibe. Where some the vibe began you just know that this will bring your knowledge high up on a mountain. Just because that this thrill is a hill that gives the chills!

3. Charlotte Bendiks – Parkteateret

4. Lindstrøm (Feedelity/Small Supertown) – Øyafestivalen

5. Mungolian Jetset (Luna Flicks/Jazzland Recordings/Smalltown Supersound)- Parkteateret

6. Octave One (420 West Records) – Jaeger

7. Octo Octa (110% Silk/Argot/Running back)  – Jaeger

8. Varg – Garage, Bergen

9. Marius Circus – Badabing

10. Center of the Universe (Metronomicon Audio/Flogsta Danshall/Harmonia) – Parkteateret

11. Dandy Jack  (RUTA5/Perlon/Cosmo Records) – Røverstaden

12, Laurel Halo (Hyperdub/Honest Jon’s)- Jaeger

13. Sassy 009 (Luft Recordings/Hard Up)  – Blå


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