Mixology Sessions: #068 – Nhar (FRA).

Nhar serves an invitation to go on through an introspective and outrospective journey. A journey that makes you feel completely soften whilst being hardened. Also makes you feel mesmerized by how he rules different grooves into his mix. Grooves that makes you just feel totally relaxed. His take on making this mix is eclectic to fit in with different peoples good. Nhar has been kind enough to include the whole list of track that has been selected for this mix. So it is time to dig deep for those records. Searching more into this mix you can find a clear balance in progression, levels and rhythms. Going even more deeper you can find a mix that delivers that clean french flavor. A mix that truly is a session in itself. So more from Nhar in the future! Oh yes!

Alex Smoke – Fall Out (Tale Of Us Remix) – Innervisions
Hologram – Solstice (Prins Thomas Remix) – Running Back
HearThug – Crossroads – Sincopat
Rhye – Taste (Mano Le Tough Remix) – Loma Vista
Phunkadelica – Tec No Logico – Multinotes
Shiffer – Soul Masks – Siamese
Hunter/Game – Enter The Block – Just This
Davis – Fragments – Permanent Vacation
Marvin & Guy feat. Perel – Idra – Life And Death
Damon Jee – Myst – Factor City
Lumi – From A Dream (Skinnerbox Remix) – Fantome De Nuit
Sebo K – Nebula – Rekids
Leo Janeiro & Hauy – Enigma – Get Physical

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