Midweek: Konrad – Folkets hus, Jaeger, Parkteateret, Sunkissed.

Here’s your ride for your weekend that starts on the little one that always will be called the one with that throwback Thursday stuff!
A long and good weekend with a heck of a lot on the itinerary. A weekend with a lot of variety just like a journey should act and be like. Well enough chit chat let’s get into the spread of events that has been strong under the radar in this edition of Midweek!

First you should get yourself some food and a real deep power nap after your day at work because to call in sick the next day is not on the table. Well that is because you used those days earlier this year. Next thing is to take a long shower that seems to release tension because you have a deadline at hand. What will be next thing is to head out the door. With these lingering as facts on the tip of the forehead the best thing is to head down to Konrad – Folkets hus that is located at Youngstorget. Marius Smootherfeldt the second half of De Fantastiske To (Real last name: Sommerfeldt) will smoother you up with a Smud start.

If you care to move along this night your karma will grant you a big one because this is the night where the Legendary Godfather of Disco and House music Nicky Siano is back in town. A man that has hosted parties at The Gallery and the fan freaking infamous Studio 54! Color this night amazed because this is not smooth at all. Nicky Siano assembles this whole night as a visit to a church. Realness got real because this night where Nicky Siano will be joined by an actual choir as in Traces Gospel Choir! Assembling this night like this is on point with the saved by god that is a DJ who plays in a church where I heal my hurts. That seem to fit like a glove because there is a connection between House Music and Gospel Music. It’s practically same same but different! The add on this night is Daniel Gude! So it is all good!

Rolling on and you managed to stroll perfectly throughout your entire workday. All because of that power nap which will have to be repeated on this day as well. All because it will definitely go down at Jaeger yet again. As if there are other places this night that will scream heck yeah louder! What will be going down this night is a night full of chaos! First on this night is the Welcome to Jaeger comity represented by Olanskii, G-Ha and Olefunken. The one hired in on this night that will escalate this chaos up in madness pleasantly is the infamous Kerri Chandler! All with this will grant deep enough sleep to power through the next day as well.

Where you will be going this night will have to be the annually Christmas charade by Ost&Kjex and Mungolian Jetset! This will take place at Parkteatret that is loacted in Grûnerløkka. A place that’s also one of the premier places of Oslo. So you will be in good hands there. Who will you be hearing this night is Whalesharkattacks, Charlotte Bendiks Live, Center of the Universe pres. Singing with the C.O.U, Hanne Kolstø, Tracee Meyn and Dj Olle Abstract. There is no need to mention the hosts because they will do an act or two this night! Other than that you will indeed get that bliss that is needed for the Christmas holidays. A bliss that is set to set sparks!

If you thought that this was the end of the night your thought wrong because you will move along to the party where the sun never sets as in the one that serves kisses as well, Sunkissed. Where you also will apply SPF 50 twice because there will be a birthday celebration going on as well. Who’s the one that opens a new book to scribble his life in is none other than is G-HA! How many books is stacked under this one is 44 so 44 plus 1 equals 45. So if you have done the math here you will see that the more numbers that’s being stacked under the more you have to blast on in the celebration. So yes it will be a night where you are not possible to search for yet an another one the day after. It will be about blank…

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