Mixology Sessions [Understanding Series VOL 2]: DJ Renegade-Popping Edits 01.

This mix has not been in my thoughts of getting deleted from my harddrives, computers, mp3 players, anything! What all of that reeks of is a lot of duration on the ears. It is no wonder when a mix like this holding a force to be reckoned with. A mix with indeed a lot of bubbles that is there to aid the soul. A mix like this have created by some serious knowledge of different grooves. There is no wonder about that because DJ Renegade is a man that reeks tons of knowledge. His craftsmanship can be seen as a vault keeper of battles that are spread around this globe. Just because DJ Renegade is the DJ that is getting booked. As whole he is a man that can also be seen as a heavy resource for all urban dance styles.

If you care to know more about that man,
just qwerty in DJ Renegade + UK Bboy championship on google…

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