Midweek part two: The Sinister Ball, The Gathering.

So you had a great first day of the weekend with the fact that you definitely took the whole town down. Where you say that you should have been more on leaning back the energy. Where you say that your friend that called you up had too good leverages in getting you tired. Well the best way to rejuvenate yourself is to hit the ones that you can sit down and relax at.
Where your blasted brain can take in some culture that will aid you to get the healing that you actually need.

Who will be the events that will do such of a grand gesture is The Sinister Ball and The Gathering. Two events that are located in the world of dance. So it will not be so far, far away from what you slightly did on a dance floor a day ago.
What is the differences between the both is that the one is all about Voguing and the other is about Breaking. What is the similar things is that they both are New York based. One city with a lot of history equally to what these two events will grant this city.

If you as the spectator just look at the time and see that these two sort of match in time then the best thing is to start with The Gathering that is an event with no cover cost.
The Sinister Ball is an event that comes with a cover cost with a good reason: all profits goes the HIV cause! If you just feel robbed then your heart is not in the right place. There is no coincidence that this event are placed on this day because on this day it happens to be the World Aids day. What is perfect because it will give sparkles for those that are under dark times in their health situation.

What else you will expect at The Gathering is a lot of people selling their thrills for a cheap deal! So it is a real legit enough reason to be there.

On The Sinister Ball you will expect a lot of sharp edged peoples with their home sewn attire shown on a runway. So this is not a Runway project show where the contestants needs to sell their creations to the judges. This is an event that is all about being able to sell personality instead. In different forms!

So if this seems like bulletproof plan to wreck yourself out of a braindead situation the most likely thing to do is to say welcome! Welcome!


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