Midweek part one: Skatten, Jaeger, Revolver, Skaugum, The Villa, Ingensteds, Skippergata, Kafe Hærverk.

Walking seamlessly to interfere with your totally empty calendar… Walking seamlessly to interfere with your totally empty calendar… On the contrary it will not become that after you hear this:

So your friend called you and you got totally soaked last weekend! Big deal. A friend stick to you no matter what and sticks to you like glue. A friend that follows you through hard times. Really hard times! That you will always hang with as in being the perfect tag team. One that really flows. What your friend has planned for you this weekend needs more than beers, cigarettes and those filthy a.s.p.i.r.i.n.s. You probably will need stacks of Mate-Mate instead of Club-Mate. Your probably will need that because this weekend will land you in the middle of nowhere just because heck yeah and why not?

Where you will need to stop by first is Skatten where Vinny Villbass will be more than ecstatic to Welcome you to the weekend. That guy is always joined up with someone and that someone this weekend is none other than Olero.

Walking on over to the streets of Oslo we are aware of there is a Natt&Dag launch located at Jaeger. Well whipped up with a lot of supreme bookings that screams yes all the way to daytime. So the night will indeed get hectic!
Who you may wonder? Gerd Janson and Prins Thomas. Is that it? Heck no!
We have the scrambled ones as in the Skranglejazz DJs and their sidekick Olefunken. Well this will have to be it? Nope. You have G-Ha and Olanskii flavoring it up real nice. Nice!

If that was to become it all in the city of Oslo the answer will have to be no. We have the place that comes with a straight shooter that aims for your heart which are place, Revolver. A place that really is something for the up and coming. So what will be served that will also be looked at as up and coming is Ullern Villaklubb. What you will expect is a lot of good electronic tunes that roasts you good. Good!

We also have as last Saturday but this is a Friday that’ll be a night that leads to the same outcome as in getting you the a.s.p.i.r.i.n.s for your life. What’s the place that makes you get this treatment is Skaugum. Who is the man that will be the pill is none other than one and only Olle Abstract. One tip whilst you are in thoughts of going there: Do not dress lightly but drink heavily with a grace! Grace!

Going wild yet with a lot of options in this fan freaking town?
Well do not got totally of the hinges yet because there are certainly more. Where the fore for more is? That’d be at The Villa. What will be the thrill there is +Plattform, MRD and Jokke. They will be in charge to lead your thrill to land on Planet B. A place that you want to be in! For real!

If you feel lost at this moment well that is good because it will indeed lead to that nowhere as in Ingensteds. That nowhere is located by a river and that will set the mood for the night. A mood that will be perfect add on to that is the duo Superkind, Kim Dürbeck og Rulefinn. They will be kind enough to lead you out of your severe total nowhere! Kind of superior on that task!

If you are not there yet in the feels of skipping the whole week yet? Well if not you have to head over to Skippergata where you will be met by a cult that will indeed make you dance like a machine. Who will play in a very tight running order DetErGrovt (Live performance), IVA//Julie Reistad and Baba’Jega that will play back to back with Jack Ljungh. Where you fall in the order is up to you! Totally up to you!

If that was to tight for you and feel like wrecking up a place then the perfect thing for you is to go to Kafe Hærverk. A place that have for this night a fundraiser for a place that ought to serve good hopes for everyone that visits that place and that place is Godthåb. Who will be the ones that really goes in to empty the pockets is Jokke, Robin C and Mischa Mathys! It’ll be rough around the edges for weeks to come but on the contrary it will be a night that brings in the hope for the future for this cause. It sure will!

If this seems massive enough to call in sick for the rest of the year, well you got to think otherwise because this is just part one. Part two is just two hours away!


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