Track of today: Josh Butler – Switch Off.

Josh Butler has created a track that in the open states switch off! Switch off! Josh Butler created this so well that it has started to terrorize my mind. So it has been on repeat to the extent that is makes my ears bleed.


Enough is enough in my book and therefore it needs to get wiped out of my memory, maybe completely getting switched off.
A deep down hard task to do because this is one of those tracks that stays there in your head. As in being stuck on like glue. What the track also gives is a push that keeps on going. As a track it is a track that is pretty much a dance floor killer. It will make the people wave with and keep on going. Also getting shouting responses as in woho, good one. So in deep not a track that will not switch off the night but switch off the mind. So the time has come to Switch off…

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