Midweek: Kulturhuset, The Villa, Jaeger, Skaugum.

It is friday and your friend have just punched out at work that rolled over the next action as in your friend just hopped in a seat on the bus. On that exact moment you call your friend and asks what are you doing this weekend? Nothing says the friend slightly in awe over the outcome. In the next you just tells the plan. Over the course of the conversation your friend is getting a frightened facial expression that really looks frightened. On the end of the conversation you tell there may be some need for some beers, a.s.p.i.r.i.n.s and buckets of water a long the way. After the conversation your friend is close to home. Your friend stops by the grocery store buys the first thing on the what in need list as in the beers. Your friend is looking at the watch and the watch span the course as in getting the first beer opened in the shower! In the conversation you agreed on meeting up at Kulturhuset with a setup that consists of: Dromedar, Sex Judas feat. Ricky & The Moist. All of them will play live which in fact is so real and it will even be more surreal with Hele Fitta, Toini & Sex Judas yet again playing some records on some decks. Reciting yet again playing records that they love. Also it will make you let your hair down and will be making the hair bushy just like after a heavy love making! Heavy love making!

Well since the plan is on the table and that takes you to the The Villa where it is seriously hard to see anything because the room is so dark. What means that it is time again for their Darkrooms night. It is also the last one so this is worth trespassing down like a maniac. So worthy because it is bound to get wet of sweat. One night where there’s a need of an extra t-shirt what is an on point hassle, drawn for the opposite option, as in not bringing any. All this will lead to be dressing down a layer. Like the techno inside of you is emerging out and about. Who will be the one to get it all to that extent is O/E and his chosen partner in crime of the night, Rabbit Brown. If you just feel that the heavy fogged up steam that will lay in the main room will not make you any justice in terms of making you sweaty – well head to the room labeled with that; Sweat shop. A room that will have tunes from the lurking ones as in Luskoteket (Atlas U & Teie) making sure to lure you deep into your sweet sleep.

The following day your friend calls you up in the moment you are about to swallow the duo of aspirins and asks you if you want to go for one more night?
You states Y.O.L.O! In the next you scream party central at my place. During your get together you start getting prepared by drinking some Aperol Spritzers because why not! Why not go for a bang this night! Well what you have planned this evening is to go for an evening that aren’t that advanced. As in going for the fuzzy Nightflight at Jaeger. The ones that will override you to swallow your a.s.p.i.r.i.n.s even harder the next day is Francis Harris and Olanskii – a combination that will fore your body swing hard on! If you just happen swing it too much to be getting you off grounds and in the direction to a somewhere that happens to be Skaugum. Well you indeed will meet Olanskii’s partner in crime G-HA – a man that is known to entertain you equally as much so that jar of a.s.p.i.r.i.n.s will be as good as gone. Gone! So you regret that you even took that phone call on friday that orchestrated a weekend with good memories at hand. Well so good that on m.o.n.d.a.y will be the day where you splurge urges well… So well ;)…

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