Track of today: What is techno – Florian Meindl.

What is techno? What is techno? Techno Music are a streamlined gathering of basslines, synth-lines and the same groove rolling in perfect loop in perfect symmetry. Everything in techno is equal whilst being an equally well thought out thought as well. Exactly like that is what techno is all about. When we look at the environment techno music can be found in you have got to go to an industrial environment where everything is stripped down to nothing. Absolutely nothing. Completely naked. Completely being incognito!

All of this was in the thought prosess Florian Meindl had to answer for himself whilst making this tech-house track. It answers a lot of questions but not totally there since it is still on the house variables. Was this the track that pushed him over the edge since became a techno DJ after this track was made. Well that is a story to go down on in the next time there is such a thing as a what is happening.


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