Facsimile: how it all began?

How do I begin to tell you all about this journey? How do I begin? Well we have to go back to that day where the explosion happened inside of my head,
where the thought prosess happened. It all happened in one of my greatest house dance battle where I heard tracks that was the best ones of tracks that I heard on that time. A battle that got hosted by Soul Sessions Oslo that have paved waves for the urban dance styles over the years. One organisation that has truly grasped the fields in Oslo of the one to go for. Essentially the best ever!

After that I was really into going out at The Villa – and at the time there was no Jaeger. A place that have trespassed so many times that I should be banned for life. I hope that was taken as a joke?
Well moving a long to one night where I sat on a bar stool. It came in a thoughtless conversation that house is hot as lava. After a down hard deliberation it ended up as house is like lava.

Well ever since that time until the day that it got real as in buying the domain. It sat its peak down in a time where I got head over heels in love with Vogueing where the next outcome was that I started a fashion blog. Simultaneously on the time this blog emerged. Whilst I did continue the fashion blog what landed me in the fashion industry. A story that should have ended because as of today I have lost the passion for fashion. It should have ended at the same time. It all.

On the contrary house is like lava is a blog that has revitalized my whole life in all angles. It just has shaped me to be the one that I am today. Also it brought me to New York, Berlin, London and Paris. It has been one of the biggest gifts that I ever have received. What I am more than willing to go in depth with as of for now.
What I am willing to give more than I have for. What I am willing to give more than I have for. So I must say that I have been lucky for all that have walked into my life thus far. So yes to more ground breaking changes! So yes!

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