Mixology Session: Spectrum Radio 051 by JORIS VOORN | House Music Special.

There’s without any hesitation that Joris Voorn’s mixes has been going in and out of my ears for sometime, years precisely. Even with the fact that there’s some ups and down in mix quality this one takes a little bit more attention. It seems like it. Also there’s another fact that’s like I do not know how many rotations this mix has gotten through the ears. I recite again I do not know how many times this mix rotated through the ears, I do not know. Each time there’s a new layer and new thoughts that come to mind. Each time this ventures my ears my mood seems to be on good uplifted vibes. Enormously good vibes. It seems to make me go back to those heavenly hours spent on the dance floor at fabric earlier this year. Also what the mix got are some dance floor killers that has been through an real ordeal this year. What is great with the Spectrum mix series is that you get the real on real authentic Joris Voorn. Where you just get to know how he creates his sets and how he thinks. Most likely get the feeling of what he creates in a venue. What is the most real thing is to get to know the man and then you know the party sort of situation. So this is a real thing to go for and therefore I hope you like the mix of this week.

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