Midweek: Jaeger.

Sup? you already know what it is. you already know that the guy Midland landing the midweek quite hard. so hard that other DJs that is playing in this city over the weekend won’t land the midweek. well that is because that he stays on the grind by flying in and out of venues to the extent of making this a sure thing to slam in to the agenda. what more that this guy will make you get a bottle with the white and gold as in a corona aka modelo.

still not sure?

well test drive this bad boy out:

if that makes sense, why not just jump on this night. just because with what has been written that flying in and out of cities will be the the biggest reason to hit this. on the contrary it will make our casually once in a while weekend tours to familiar destinations look weak. what makes totally sense because this is so the obvious one to go for. so heck yeah it will lead to a slippery slope with getting woke, eating that fuel for your body and hitting that desk at work on m.o.n.d.a.y. and i forgot one thing the address it is Grensen 9.
so let’s get into a place in the middle of nowhere with Midland on the task of leading us home!

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