Midweek: Elefant, Jaeger, The Villa.

so the heatwave have just lingered into being a massive cold air that hits the face softly. yet there are an continuous one that never lingers as in the one that goes so sweetly through the ears! as in never lingers because it goes in week out – week in. this time we all will become nurtured by Elefant, Jaeger and The Villa.

firstly we will hit Elefant on friday to pay our respect to the place that has only been open for two years. what i need to apply is that i am really sorry for not have been there more often, there are just too much on my platter for me to get confused in where i am headed. also the timing has not been there, just not been there. so that is all. who will make the evening dashing is this team:

Butik (Live)
Thomas Skjærstad
Andre Bravo
Mikael Gordon
Andres Landsverk
Sebastian Groll

secondly we will hit another venue that has been open for more years that place is Jaeger. what will give this night balance. where you will hear the residents joined together to shine on the headliner of the night that makes you want to turn everything on repeat on the day after, Da Capo. approximately stay on both is two and a half hour if the night started at ten pm sharp. it is what it is on both stays where you also make it in the account that it is time to use your freedom after to have been locked up at work all week.
so the time has come to shake it all of! shake it until you just feel less restrained and feel like this is only what life is all about…

if the first night is not enough to shake it all off then time has come to hit The Villa where you will be met by Bendik HK and G-Ha. swinging with the sweatshop room will be a good thing if you want to make mondays seem less toxic by swaying to the music. well if this night continues is up to what happens…

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