Berlin chronicles.

It starts as a journey and certainly acts like a journey. What more it sets peak to is how my mind was before it ventured the sounds and how it is after. What to be frank it is a world of a difference. It can not be matched and it should not be because a journey will always change you. Always. This journey was so good that like in too good. What my mind was carrying before was a lot of darkness – like darkness that has been suppressed for months as well as years. It all got swiped away from my mind on the first day. Like literally swiped away. What venue did that job was the infamous installment, Berghain. A venue that is known to make you go on an inner soul searching train whether you like it or not. It is just up to you to decide to get out of it at the right time. In my case it took whopping 27 hours.

For some peoples they just go there for the party, some go for the DJs that are going to play there – or one peculiar girl that were there for networking. Who does stuff like that there? I did for a minute just to state that I am a music blogger and showed her the Instagram for this blog. An Instagram with few followers. One thing that I really care nothing about is to have that is a lot of followers. I care only about what I truly, madly, deeply love as in this music. A music type that literally changed my life years ago. Then and now is so black and white. It can not be matched.
In my perspective my view of the venue is that this is a church where I heal my hurts. It was like that in my place and it was in that place where 13 years of therapy got shaved of. It feels like it and therefore it just gave me a lighter heart. Even a smile back on my face.

Rolling on in this I met some peoples that made me go on a different journey as well that made me think that this city is a breathing home for those that survives. I know that I would survive in this city just because I would. I would
adjust to the city. It is the perfect city that would make everything better. I know because I am too invested in this music that drives my mind crazy. It is crazy enough to make you do stuff. Stuff.

Also there was the chance of hanging out with cool peoples that you also create a similar language with. Peoples that you develop a connection to and you create histories that opens doors in more than one way.
Like the doors at the train…

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