HILL08. Rude Lead.

World Wide premiere on this day when house is like lava finally say welcome to yet another genre on this blog as in boogie. A blog that was stated to be a house music and techno music blog only. If this was a strange thing to incorporate as of late, nah! Just because why go small when you can go big to become a blockbuster of being a space for all the genres that really bust!

Who started this introduction is none other than Rude Lead. No stranger for the ones that knows that fella but for the ones that do not know probably the best is clearly in this is giving out facts. So here are them, so here are them!

Rude Lead is a man that thrives for soul and boogie. Rude Lead is also a producer, engineer, co-manager at Stew Studio. Rude Lead is also a resident DJ at Soularium, Diskotaket and more.

So let us start the spin into the mix that truly delivers a massive jam feel. Like as in getting a floor jam packed with peoples that wanders down the toot toot train. Like getting that boogaloo on! Getting that rock-steady on! Like getting that bamboozled feel of getting people to hook up and get it on! Like getting it really on! Like as bringing in the heat! On the contrary it is a mix that delivers a sweetness that also warms the heart and makes the autumn that wears on with a better boom. So this is definitively a bulletproof mix that makes you boogie off course! Makes you boogie!


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