Heatwave: Kulturhuset, Jaeger, Sunkissed X Skranglejazz.

Well, it looks like a heatwave of a ​joyride​ to hit this weekend as well!
Like a weekend where​ we all try to get on the good foot whilst being on the task to try to​ squeeze the rest of the Indian​ summer!
Like getting it all in – and where will we stop first is at Kulturhuset. A place quite central in Oslo so you have no problem to locate the venue. Where will we be getting the audio frequencies​ by none other by Olle Abstract – the Godfather​ of House in Oslo. A man that we all should say thank you to with our lives because without his relentless work in forcing through this music​ our life would be bland! Bland!

Moving along on this wave we will have to set the course to Jaeger there Mr. Scruff – a man that truly can be stated as mastermind that will get into the slope to make sweat look like soap. For this evening it is a mandatory thing to come early because his sets are truly traveling​ through so many genres. Who else will play this evening is the Litty G-Ha and Olanskii, and the rolling R.L.O.O.C. So do not be a Zzz’er on this.

If you feel a strong lust to go for a wander on Saturday​ well the place is Blå where Sunkissed X Skranglejazz is going all in for a night of cozy​ happiness. Not a night where​ you sit under a blanket and holding your favorite cuppa. It is a night where you are going to experience a night that is going all in your system for days. So a perfect blast for the fall season that is​ altering its way in! Like giving a spark that makes the day keep shining on even on a dreary dark day. Like on a dark day.

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