Facsimile​: SommerØya 2018.

I wished I could be the one that walks​ straight​ into events without hesitance. I wished I could be the one that truly is​ the one that does​ not have to high standards of myself. I wished I could not be the one that does not have a ​too high amount of nerves but I do. I wished that I could from now on not have too​ high nerves in performing well all because something have progressed too​ quick. All I have to say is that maybe that was the cause of me almost abandoned my task at SommerØya – Norway’s finest Electronic Music Festivals. Maybe it was not the​ time of my life but hey I just understood something whilst being there:

I have come far! I have come far enough to be proud of being considered as press. That has taken years to accomplish! Years! So my task from now on is to take it easier​. Like as take it easier to be present and really take in what is really happening. Not running around taking ruddy photos. Or clips for that matters. More like take​ the essence of what is happening and focus on the artists that shakes the crowd. Like blasted…


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