Heatwave: Oslo Camping VS Jaeger.

Waving into this upcoming Friday and you will be guaranteed a night there you should tie your shoelaces a bit harder because it will be the tightest marathon of them all! What’s bringing these kinds of vibes is the excruciatingly hard Danny Krivit at Oslo Camping VS DJ Seinfeld at Jaeger situation! What just two venues that will get the full glory this time? Yes! But one time only because let’s be fair there are certainly more venues to cruise by. Certainly!

First​ up in this is the New York-based​​ Danny Krivit that brings the soul to the body. A true pioneer that rolls this night into the roots of the house. Who will be one that will get vibes going is Rulefinn. One of the homeboys of Oslo!


Second in this is DJ Seinfeld that literally​ tapped a massive repeater into hands linked by the Joris Voorn set from Fabric London. One track that has the sure thing stated that it is the track of the year! So if this will become the Party of the year? Time will tell!

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