Heatwave: Skatten, Revolver, Skaugum.

Once again the weekend waves will hit and they are straight up wylin’ off the wall! They will be the ones that make you think but first coffee on Monday​​. Where you also will be like Garfield​ that literally​ hates Mondays.

So the first venue that we have to hit with Lit spirits is Skatten that is located off-grid​ where you can shake the 25/8 work week off. There will you get the chance of listening to Vinny Villbass and Marius Sommerfeldt. So vibe on this because this is a fully unhinged good match! A match that will make you stay until the last hour, minute and second.

You probably want to wander off​ to another prime location where you wanna keep splurging​ in some more drinks then the obvious hit is Revolver. There will you will receive​ more of the more low hatting waves as in hip to the hop. Who will be in the loop for making the floor look like a messy slope is Kuuk! So do not sleep on this because this will look like a main squeeze night where you meet you desk buddy from school. So do not sleep!

If you are just me like a true to the bone diehard blood fan that just got the ​notice that one of your teenager heroes​ are releasing yet another EP! Yet another one with a party involved! In that case you should most definitely hit it. Who is​ the one? Well,​ that one is Ralph Myerz without the Jack Herren Band this time. All of that is located on the other side as in Skaugum so the waves are definitely high on this night. I’ll be in​ the first row!

So if this is something that gives​ you Good Vibes Only then rock on dudettes and dudes!
Rock On!

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