HILL07: Frøken Dalen.

You know that perfect wave that you can stay on for days. Like a wave that goes deep into the valley and makes you feel good on the inside. Like a wave that makes ripple effects in so many terrains and makes your toes curl.

Exactly on that surf is what the mix from Frøken Dalen is vibing off! It is a mix that truly makes the feet go fast and a mix that sets the night of with the right kind of vibe as well. One mix that is a mix that makes you feel that you are right there right now. On the another note it is a mix that you are indeed in need of hitting more than once because this mix is already as seen a classic. What this mix really do is to float from genre to genre such as touchy souly to housy to techno. So Heck Yeah it is a Wave with a splash of everything! Splish, splash!

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