Midweek: SommerØya.

Let’s forget that Øya happened and let us concentrate on another type of wave such as SommerØya! That’ll be a wylin’ off the wall good wave! One Heck Yeah it’s gonna be so Lit because the fall season is soon to be hitting this country in no time. SommerØya is a conjunction that has become one of the most important Electronic Music Festivals to this date in Oslo, Norway. One festival that truly delivers that feeling of finding good lasting friendships. A Self-experienced happening that happened right there. What more this festival brings is a lot of good waves that are indeed worth taking a surf on. Such as their off the charts good location that feels like a meadow just because it is, in fact,​ a meadow. Just to explain this even further​ in a more clarified essence it is in a park. Just because precision​ is key the spot is Ekebergparken. More importantly to hit the vibes from is the line up that are:

Claptone (de)
Surgeon (Anthony Child) (live) (uk)
DJ Koze (de)
Nastia (ua)
ANNA (br)
Henry Saiz with band (es)
Sebastian Mullaert (3h live) (se)
Andre Bratten (live)
Koletzki & Schwind (de)
Be Svendsen (live) (dk)
Ksmisk (live)
Beth Lydi
Karolinski Music
Thomas Skjærstad

One line up that states a jam-packed​ flow​ that makes the fall season like an easy breeze to cease. Indeed!


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