Midweek: Jaeger, Ingensteds, Revolver, Oslo Camping.

Friyay you say at last! Friday you say that you are ready to have a blast! Friday you set the course for the best. Although you are yet so troublesome on Friday because where will you go? Well hello,​ this is what the Midweek or the middle of the week is for! If not here is a couple Ultimate Lifehacks Helping you out of this weeks maze:

Why not go for an embarrassing revisit at familiar place Jaeger, not dull as a dishwasher Ingensteds, Revolver the place that shoots sparks with a bow and arrow or to fore right into the forest at Oslo Camping.
Still not sure on where to go let us see what they have planned.
Starting off with…​

Well if you go for the first one out of the bunch that is Jaeger! A midnight creepin’ will lead you right into an affiliate night with the uttermost premier record store in Oslo, Filter Musikk. A store that is highly valued amongst the craters and amongst them,​ that waivers them into Oslo. In between of them for this night they have forced down to this simple arrangement: Roland the store manager just want a shining grandeur for him and Jokke, the co-owner of the newly opened venue Godthåb.
If this was a bit slim there are more slam on the go at Jaeger this night. You will have Pål Strangefruit pairing up with G-Ha in a back 2 back session. It literally means a record to record session, not playing with the backs against each other all night. If they last one was played out it would look strange. Really strange.

Strangely it seems to be the night of a back to back session! Elsewhere that happens is at the place Ingensteds where Skatebård and Rulefinn are having one as well. If you want to go there you should be there early because there is always a stack of peoples on the outside. Stacked up!

What if you just think it is a waste of time to stand there in that stacked up line why not go for Revolver! Where you just can cool down in the backyard leading to a full throttle down to the basement where you find a groovy Beryl Diane. A lady that will be in charge to overwhelm you with sounds, so good that you stand there with your beer easily revolved out whilst at the same time being revived as well. Easily!

If you just felt for a moment that taking a beer is not enough, why not head over to Oslo Camping there you will find an indoor miniature golf course! A something that is straight up cool. What is cooler is that you have supreme tunes in the background. This night the man that will cheer you on so that you will conquer that 18th hole is Marius Sommerfeldt (De Fantastiske To). If you just vender, ​of course, that is even better because that means that Marius has done a greater job than expected!

So if you feel like take a vacation after this, well good for you!


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