HILL04: Andre Bravo.

Sometimes you just need a Summer feeling! A summer feeling that sounds like a Grand Bravour that sweeps through so many various moods. Like the sun that rises and sets! Like a flow that never ends. Like a roller coaster that swings up! Like that feeling where you want chill whilst you want to dance the night away. Literally Away! Like giving a time where everything is on the Loose. Really loose.

Exactly on the dot is what this mix from Andre Bravo represents. One mix that will never get you bored. One mix that is very diverse and does the task well as well hitting it in with the people (and with the author). Especially with the track “She’s dancing” by Trulz and Robin that comes from the album Intersexual. One album that’s being cherished because it brought up a summer there the thematics were rolling​ on like this! Like massively! Also what this mix brings is the night when Kerri Chandler played at Dattera til Hagen. One night where the temperatures got to a tropical hotness! Indeed! So to sum it all up this is the ​mix that truly settles for a banging summer. Banging!


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