Midweek: Subjekt, Jaeger, Revolver, The Villa.

Once more we are heading into a Weekend with a Bang! Bang!
A Weekend that is all about doing the same thing all over again.
A weekend where we are going out of our strict edged regime that rolls to become a wavy organic one. A weekend that is also on the other side a time to get our feelings filtered through the good grooves that flows from the forceful loudspeakers.

What will be the One Amongst the Most Suitable Events:

Subjekt boat party!

A party where you get the chance to​ take a plunge into these refined crates;
Bjørn Torske and Charlotte Bendiks! Hope this will be a safe trip where there is​ no need for an emergency boat tailing this. Just tailing if someone goes slightly overboard.

Jetting from that shore to Jaeger! Will the headliner Martyn break or make your stay? Well,​ that will tell if the headliner Martyn will play so good that the feet​ are getting jiggy​ with it! And yes, in this case,​ there is​ no bad thing such as to have walked down the doors of​ this venue too many times. If that just hit you and you just try to hide your self well enough so the staff does​ not see you. Well if that does​ not work well try to walk over to Møllergata where you have Revolver and The Villa – two venues that are almost under one zip code. The first that you should aim for is Revolver that serves a Cosmic Oslo night! A night where Rune Lindbæk, Helene Rickhard ​and Bendik Høibraaten plays. If they have done a remarkably​​ good job on you, so good that you can not seem to redeem which zip code you are in well stay! If they did not do the works and you want to find your​ way back to Jaeger again, well on the way back you better raid through the basement at The Villa where you will be met by Rabbit Brown (B48) and M77. It will ensure the need for​ techno. So a match made for just stay put because the time is soon running out.
Like the ​Outburst of Massive Lava streams out of the Volcano is over!


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