Midweek too late edition: Jaeger, Blå, The Villa, Oslo Camping.​

Same, same but different!
Same, same but different!

A difference that smears out of the speaker all around Oslo is​ indeed so good that you can tell everybody that you got robbed. So what is happening?
You can find out here!

Starting with Jaeger there you can hear a man that really can create long queues at the Venue, Finnebassen.

Jaeger Oslo
Grensen 9, 0159 Oslo, Norway

Blå is having an OMVR spiced up night that may lead to guys hook up with guys and girls hook​ up with girls, and more. Well,​ everything can happen! Anything!

Brenneriveien 9C, 0182 Oslo, Norway.

The Villa hosts Fiedel (Ost Gut Ton) that will drag the whole crowd down to the basement with his techno and up to the loft where the mood is certainly better. So a trip to this is in order if you​ are feeling sad, but okay.

The Villa
Møllergt 23, 0159 Oslo, Norway.

If you want to have The Party of your life why not head for Oslo Camping where Vinny Villbass is having The Party. The ones that you meet at The Party is Olero and Dj SaboeTage. Certainly,​ a combo that screams fore!

Oslo Camping
Møllergata 12, 0179 Oslo, Norway

So there you have it a bulletproof start on your rocking weekend! In a slightly different way than last time.


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