HILL03: Discole.

Welcome to yet another mix that is indeed very raw, but one that brings us all back to school! One that brings us back to the house music classics. One that is really eclectic. One that takes us back to life because we are all students of life. Students that keep​ pushing for what we dream of! What Discole does! He is a man that is​ reckoned to be there to push this on. He is a man that has been everywhere in the roots of house music. So you can expect that this has gotten a very rooted take on house music. What else you can expect is a good drive​ with the bassline. Moving further​ on in what you can expect is that his take is quite simple​ but very complex. Just because this is a mix that really can be as stated very raw, a draft or a practice mix so the assumption that this mix is a very simple but complex is true – and not false. So this checks out! Also,​ what else checks out is that this is a mix that can take you places, for example,​ the crates in New York. What this mix can do is also take your shoulders down after a good week of hard labor. A mix like this can also make you just in good mood.
Good enough mood to go for a beverage located in your fridge​! So enough talking, more listening is in order here I think!


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