Midweek: Skippergata, Jaeger, Blå, The Villa, Elefant, Dattera til Hagen, Kulturhuset, Revolver, Khartoum, Oslo Camping.

Mittwoch, Midweek or middle of everything! Well, the time has come to take yet another roundabout on what will be on the menu for the weekend, more precisely​ Friday night. It is a weekend of thrills that will not be cheap but they will give you a boost for lyfe. You already know what the outcome of that Monday, but do not worry because they will be memories that will enrich your life. A very welcome to that outcome! So where to begin? The mayhem is definitively clear in this when there are the Skippergata, Jaeger, Blå, The Villa, Elefant, Dattera til Hagen, Kulturhuset, Revolver, Khartoum, Oslo Camping situations! Situations! So where to enter that maze is with no hesitation a craze!

First out on this are Skippergata that are located nearest to the main train station in Oslo. So on this weekend entry, you will indeed be welcomed by a badabing! Most likely a great hooray! The men that have settled this are Daniel Vaz and Vinny Villbass. Tonight this will roll 9 hours long so you better be ready to hold your energy level on power saves. If not you will be flat tired in no go.

Rolling over to Jaeger that host an affiliate night with the record store that rocks the shores in Norway, Filter Musikk. Who they are roasting the most out of the loudspeakers this night is Boris. A man that comes out of Berlin! A perfect booking if you are in vain that you can’t afford a stay in the actual city. On the contrary why go for the hassle of​ stepping into the airport control, maybe be stopped in security and maybe loose your flight as well. So step into this my friend!

If your mood is Blue why not go for Blå there the generics will surface flow, future and sound. Who will play this night is none other than Beatrixx and Synnexkristine. This is their first night and goes under the pseudonym flowmotion a night that will make the feet get a levitation.
So flee for it! So flee for it!

If you feel like this is a night of heading for a villa treatment so in that matter why not go for The Villa. A place that has housed the electronic sounds for a long, long time and under this night who will be in the charge of pushing this on, Pablo Bolivar! Who else will play is Silva who have created the newborn concept 88-blokka that this night is filed under. So slip into something comfortable because it will be a ballin’ block party​ that rolls a plethora of 8 balls. So slip in!

Are there more venues to hit in Oslo?

Well, you have the venue that has entitled themselves lucky, well not in a clear context, but in a more spiritual context and as well animalistic context. The venue is Elefant – and this night they are hosting the females that are indeed fatal with their sounds – as in Femme Fatales​. The line up for this edition is Emilie Iversen, MØRK and Faia. A bonus that should be added to this night is that this concept has been lasted for over eight years. So a grand bravo is​ being sent!

Also,​ you have Dattera til Hagen – a venue that is​ like a great backyard. A backyard filled with laidback ambiance. Who will bring the ambiance to a ​higher level this night? DJ Mèlange and Bombolino! Quite unknown for the author but for the ones that know what they are about is this the night. Who is not so unknown is Seth Raknes! Afterthought on this is that this seems like a night of softness and hardness. So if you are unbalanced this is a night that will balance you out.

Are you tired of hearing of places?
Well,​ you have no choice of hearing because there are certainly more. More that may or may not fit the description of giving you the best night of your life. What may fit if the urge of going into a more cultural plunge is the venue Kulturhuset. A multifunctional venue with more on the calendar that is not enlisted. What is definitively enlisted this night is Diskobeistet that has released stuff out on Paper Recordings and his own label people loves music. What you can expect over the many hours spent is genres such as soul, funk, hip-hop, house and disco. A night that will indeed make the disco bowl spin around you instead!

Are we there yet with the places and you are starting to call the shot gun move at a cab! Well no, you have Revolver! A place that are for the immersive crowd and that definitively knows how to rock the racer thin shades. A place that holds the fort for the stuff that are on trend! So stuff your but into this place because you are dead tired of being on the high and want to go down with the low as in hip-hop. Who will deliver that hip to the hop is Mira and Ragna! Coming out of the hip-hop squad kuuk. So this is a night that delivers maximum goals to the table for days…

Call it the night? Well,​ you know what it is because it is what it is by now a situations of so many situations. The next situated cause is at Khartoum there nothing is in the open but for those that are​ in a search of an answer of getting out of a situations will probably find it there. Or will it be found?
No, because it has to be screamed a big fore to at Oslo Camping!
A night there Kristine Prestegaard will play and it will roll the situations out with the disco balls included out of the maze.

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